Soul Motion - Open to freedom

Soul Motion® is a Conscious Dance practice created in the Unites States about 20 years ago by Vinn Arjuna Martí. A free movement practice based on the breath and open to everybody who’s willing to move one’s own soul and listen to the body’s answers.

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There’s no physical or age limits. Everybody can listen to one’s own body and soul.
We use so much our mind in our everyday life that during this practice we try to silence it for a while.
During a Soul Motion lesson everybody can dance freely, there’s no step or technique to learn, everybody is free to follow one’s own instinct. Alone or and in a group.
Through the movement we discover our inner nature, so to communicate with others and then with what is much bigger than us: infinite, nature, divine.
The three focuses of Soul Motion are Pause Presence, Orbit Orientation and Echo Inspiration. These three activities help to connect yourself with your inner centre, to live your life not only in one direction, but considering all the other possibilities around you, to be source of inspiration and to find inspiration also in small things, to express your being in its real essence, that is free, vital and original, bringing vitality and fullness in everything you do.

Soul motion - Listen to your body
Soul Motion - Make space for yourself



A dance to discover our inner world. An exploration that invites us to be curious, open, authentic. In this solitary dance that happens among others, we try to see inside ourselves “with closed eyes”, without judgments and with an open heart.
It goes on with the Dance Communion: I’m One with
It’s the dance of communication. A dialogue where intimate dance opens to another human being, but without losing oneself into the other person. It’s a relationship dance where listening to oneself moves together with listening to the other person, to meet in the space between, where everything can happen.
Then it goes into the Dance Community: I’m One with all
It’s the dance of diversity, a kind of dance that is not common in the Western culture where the meaning of the word “community” has lost its real value.
In this continuous dialogue with diversity, we try to develop a strong sense of equality because, although different and unique, we are all human beings, with the same fears, weaknesses, dynamics.
This journey ends with the Dance Infinity: I’m One with all One
This is the dance of divinity and devotion. The dance of going back home after travelling inside oneself and towards others. The dance of opening to nature, to mother earth, to the sky, to everything that is bigger than us and that includes all of us.